Tablet PC Guy is on his way to Tablet PC Gathering


Update: The Tablet PC Gathering is being broadcast live till 6PM Pacific Time.

Tablet PC Guy is broadcasting live again from CES. This time he’s on the bus on the way to the Tablet PC Gathering.


Oh, I was wrong, the bus was going to the main CES hall; it’s not quite time for the Tablet Gathering, which is supposed to begin at 3:30PT. So still more time to soak in the CES sights.

One of the many exhibits in the huge Intel booth:


Checking out the Sony Vaio UX Micro PC:


A Toshiba R400 on display in the Microsoft booth:


Someone is test-driving the new OQO:


Gateway CX210X Tablet PC:


Motion Computing Tablet section of Microsoft booth (LS800 shown):


And yet two more Tablets in the Microsoft booth. This time around they are from Lenovo (one is an X60, I’m not sure what the other is…maybe the same with a touch screen?)


I think Tablet Guy really liked the new OQO model 2 with its slide out display/keyboard:


And here’s the Medion 2 UMPC:

(Click on the picture above to watch a video clip of the Medion 2.)

Tablet Guy has kind enough to record his walkthrough of the Microsoft booth. You can watch the videos here.

Hopefully he’ll be broadcasting from the Tablet Gathering too….with sound. Fingers crossed.

Update: Tablet Guy ran out of battery power again, so he’s on his way to the Tablet Gathering where there hopefully will be a power outlet 🙂

Update #2: The Tablet PC Gathering is being broadcast live till 6PM Pacific Time.

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15 years ago

Will there be live blogging from the meeting?
No seriously, i’d love to know how it goes and would also love to be able put a few questions forward. Live! Maybe you can arrange someone to blog and someone to read comments on one of the blogs? How about an IRC channel?


15 years ago

Good idea. I’m not sure whether we can set it up in time or not. It took an embarrassing amount of time to get the video working :-).

There is a chat feature in Stickam; let me see if we can make access to it public.

15 years ago

You’ve got an hour!! Hehe.


15 years ago

Gimme gimme gimme! what’s happening?

Loren Heiny
15 years ago

The Tablet PC Gathering is being broadcast live till 6PM Pacific Time on Stickam:

There’s no sound because it seems to consume all the bandwidth. So Tablet PC Guy opted for video over audio.

We didn’t have a chance to get a chat session going. That’s got to be added next time!