Tablet Guy is broadcasting live from CES floor


TabletPCGuy is walking around CES and streaming live from his Tablet PC! You can watch on Stickam here.

Right now TabletPCGuy is in a booth with an R2D2 robot:


and a Storm Trooper:


Hmmm. I bet Tablet PC Guy was wishing he was more articulated. Heh.

And now it looks like it’s lunch time (there were people in the background just before this frame that were eating):


I’m wondering how long the battery is going to last! 🙂

TabletPCGuy is broadcasting live from CES using a Tablet PC with a webcam that is linked to the Internet using a Sprint EVDO card.

(There’s no sound at this time because there doesn’t seem to be enough bandwidth to handle the sound and the video. When the sound is enabled, it’s about all that makes it through–the video is terribly slow. At least with the sound off, the video is updated every second or so.)

Update: Well, I guess Tablet Guy decided to go into battery save mode and stopped broadcasting.

Update #2: It’s 4:30PM Monday at Tablet Guy is back broadcasting live as he makes his way via bus to the main hall:


Arriving at CES main hall:


Ooops. Offline again. Will Tablet Guy start broadcasting once inside? Hmmm.

Yep, Tablet Guy started broadcasting again once he got near the Microsoft booth in the central hall. Here are some screen captures from the video starting with a couple Samsung Q1s and an ASUS R2H UMPC:


Next up, Tablet Guy checked out the new, loaded Toshiba R400 Tablet PC:


SideShow seems to be getting lots of press. Here are a couple notebooks with the SideShow capability built into the lids so that you can check out stuff on the notebook without turning it on:


A picture of Tablet Guy posing next to a new Tablet PC. Can you guess which one?


I hope Tablet Guy fully charges his batteries tonight so he can broadcast live the Tablet PC Gathering tomorrow afternoon at CES.

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15 years ago

Hey Loren… I’m thinking about the R400 as a replacement for my M200, but the 1280 x 800 screen resolution seems low compared to the 1400 x 1050 on my M200— especially if I want to use Visual Studio. What are your thoughts?

Loren Heiny
15 years ago

I haven’t tried the R400 yet, but I do have a Gateway Tablet PC that has 1280×768 resolution, which is OK with Visual Studio, but it’s not my first choice. Bob has been using the Gateway Tablet for development more than me and I just asked him what he thinks. He say he prefers higher resolution for Visual Studio.

What I’d suggest is trying out Visual Studio on a notebook with similar resolution or on an R400 to see what it’s like and if its OK for you.