Video of pen and ink game: Euclidean Crisis


Here’s a video of an ink- and pen-based, multi-player game called Euclidean Crisis.

Here’s a video of the game being played on two smart boards.

“The game was developed by Daniel Salinas, John Shedletsky, Travis Skare, and Doug Wilson over ten weeks in spring 2006 for Stanford’s CS1934 class.”

The video says the program was written in C# using the Tablet PC SDK and speech API.

You can download the game from the group’s website. I haven’t tried it yet. Anyone else have?

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15 years ago

Can you say Minor Killer App? Beautiful.

15 years ago

Finally with this and the Wii we’re getting interesting games that are built around solid interfaces.

Thanks for posting this, now I hate myself for losing my stylus during a visit home. Hopefully its only multiplayer because then I wouldn’t be able to play anyhow.

15 years ago

Wouldn’t a smart board/wall display be cool in your home too? 🙂