Re-installing party


After getting Vista, Office 2007, OneNote, Visual Studio and all my projects installed on the M400 I realized I was way too close to running out of space on the hard drive.

I made a bad decision early on.

I wanted to keep my older XP OS and installs, just in case I need them so I installed Vista on an older drive I had sitting around. Of course, it didn’t have the greatest of capacities. Only 40GB. That’s why I wasn’t using it after all.

The drive had served well during the beta cycle, but not that I wanted a production development system with everything on it I was down to only about 8GB. Ouch.

So last night I dashed off to Frys and picked up the largest 2.5″ SATA drive that I could find–which had not previously been returned or refurbished. It was a Fujitsu 120GB drive. Only 5400RPM, but I can live with that.

I also picked up an external SATA case for the older 2.5″ drive so I can get to it easily if I need to later.

My first idea was to clone the Vista image to the newer drive. I placed the Fujitsu drive in the external SATA case, and then ran some included software from Apricorn. Two attempts later, which still didn’t work I tried an online disk cloning app. No dice either. Each time I’d put the cloned Vista drive into the M400, Vista would not boot up.

I knew I could keep trying with the cloning route, but I decided to just bite the bullet and install everything from scratch. Oh, well. What’s another four or five hours? Heh.

Right now, I’m back to installing drivers in Vista. Now where did I get that EVDO driver, I wonder? 🙂 Ah, such fun.

Anyway, I’ll soon have plenty of development space on this new drive, which is a good thing.

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16 years ago

Oopsie. Yeah, that won’t work. How’s the install going now?

16 years ago

So far so good. I’ve got the machine pretty much back to where I had it. I guess practice helps 🙂

15 years ago

Did you happen to get the Bluetooth working on your M400? So far, I haven’t found anyone that did – except for someone that got NDA drivers a couple of months ago.


15 years ago

David, nope. No bluetooth. Still waiting…although I haven’t checked for new drivers in the last couple of days.