What if someone made a TC1100 Tablet PC clone?


Rob Bushway points out once again the unfortunate news that HP has discontinued the TC1100 Tablet PC.

Yes, the TC1100 needs some updating. There could be a 12″ version, for instance. And the enclosure could be a little more scratch resistant. However, there’s no doubt that the TC1X Tablet PC has a loyal and enthusiastic following.

In a comment to Rob Bushway, Cliff Brooks posts that maybe the TC1100 was replaced by more “conventional” convertibles because convertibles require fewer support calls.

That could be. In fact, maybe someone would like to email HP for an official statement on this.

My guess is that HP saw the success of the Toshiba M200 and decided to go “mainstream” with their own convertible.

it’s a shame. Their hybrid design was quite respected. Maybe someday someone at HP will realize this and the TC1X design will be brought back.

I’m not holding my breath.

Rob, is it petition time?