No TechEd this year


I’m not going to TechEd this year. I thought about it, but I have another obligation in the middle of the week on the other coast, so it became impractical to fly back and forth. Further, as timing would have it, I couldn’t have gone anyway. My grandmother in California is having a tough time and I know above all else I need to get over there to see her this week.

All this being said, I know I’m going to miss a couple things at TechEd that I’m very interested in. I very much interested in Office 2007’s RibbonX technology. I have a couple “can RibbonX do this or that” questions,” questions which I know are best asked person to person. I’m also keenly interested to hear what the OneNote API is. I’ve long hoped for a more open OneNote app. Are we getting closer?

Right now I’m listening to the Sunday afternoon Keynote. Currently Ray Ozzie is talking. He’s talking about Windows Live Services.