What about more Tablet PC ink styles?


Why aren’t there SDKs (or “controls” or something) for the Tablet PC that provide developers with different “pen” styles? Most notably, what about a pencil style? Or a brush style?

I know Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage go to great lengths to provide their own rendering twists, but doesn’t it seem like the Tablet market would benefit from having multiple ink styles available to developers? Or are rendering styles a primitive that should just be built in?

Is there anyone else out there that wants something like this?


  1. After thinking about it a bit, multiple pen, pencil, and paint styles is probably something Apple would do if it were to expand it’s InkWell technology. It doesn’t have to be this way, but the Apple’s market is probably more expectant of featurs such as this. Just guessing here.

    Should a third party provide custom ink styles for the Tablet? It would be nice. I don’t think the market size is there, however. This is probably something the Tablet team would need to define and refine.

    A good reason for them to do so is because it would be _cool_. Can you imagine the out of the box demos?

    Robert Scoble blogged once that there should be at least one cool feature in a product. If there are enough development resources and the feature wouldn’t get in the way, I agree 100%.

    A cool design is part of the mix. A cool API call is another.