Can’t burn recovery DVDs on Toshiba M400


The Toshiba M400 doesn’t come with recovery discs. Instead, you have to burn them yourself.

Fortunately, the M400 includes a program that you can use to easily burn the discs. But what happens when you keep getting write errors when you try to burn recovery DVDs? Uh, gulp. That’s what I’m running into.

The program indicates that I’ll need three DVDs. That’s fine. In fact, I can get through the first DVD OK. The program keeps reporting an error when trying to burn the second of the three DVDs however. I’ve wasted three DVDs so far.


Why don’t manufacturers just provide recovery CDs/DVDs themselves?

Update: I was able to burn the “Applications and Drivers” DVD using the supplied Toshiba program just fine, so I’m guessing that there’s a bug in the program which is causing the DVD burning to fail for disc #2. I tried a fourth DVD for disc #2, which also failed to burn. Looks like I need to call Tech Support.

Update #2: I haven’t tried upgrading the memory, but I did look at replacing the 5400RPM hard drive that I got with a Hitachi 7200RPM SATA drive I had. No luck. The drive isn’t recognized. Hmmm. Reason #2 for calling Tech Support.

I decided to set the machine aside. Sometimes it’s best to let things cool down a little….I don’t mean the M400. I mean me. 🙂


  1. Please let me know if you found a way around that.Cause I tried to restore mine using coppied restore disks and disk2 keeps giving me an error. I lost my restore disks so I bought them form ebay and they sent me coppied ones and disk2 does not work.
    Please help me out if possible. Thank you!