Sleuthing for Lenvovo Tablet details


Tim Marman is sleuthing for information on Lenovo’s next Tablet offerings. [Link from Warner Crocker] He points to an article at CoreDuoNews that seems to indicate that at least in France you’ll be able to purchase an X61 Tablet PC after April 6th.

My prediction: An X61 Lenovo Tablet will be a top seller. Even with a stock 1024×768 display, it’ll be hard to beat, particularly because it’s weight/performance ratio will be simply amazing. Business customers will love the size. Power users will love the performance. Everyone will enjoy the battery life.

Here’s what I heard this past week from an unnamed salesman though: He says that whereas the X60 is now making its way to customers, there won’t be a Tablet version until the summer/end of summer. I pressed him about the X61 and he said that he wasn’t sure if that was a Tablet or not. He said the X41 (Tablet PC) was new and selling well and that that’s why there isn’t a CoreDuo Tablet out yet. This sounded like a typical positive spin on the situation, so I wouldn’t put much weight on it.

Now I have no idea if he has any idea what he’s talking about, but this is what he said. I know more than one person that is waiting for a dual core X61 Tablet from Lenovo. If the article that Tim Marman points to turns out to be accurate and X61 Tablets are around the corner, there are going to be some very, very happy Lenovo Tableteers in the month of April.