CNBC shows UMPC/Origami on TV


CNBC says they will have a world exclusive this morning and be showing the first Origami on TV. CNBC is at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

It’s 8:08AM Pacific Time…I’m not sure when the Origami will be shown. They just gave a teaser and said they will soon show an Origami unit.

I’ll update as soon as I see the Origami.

Update 8:47AM Pacific Time: CNBC says that Jim Goldman is going to be showing the Origami during the CNBC “Power Lunch” show which starts in about 15 minutes. What do you bet they won’t get around to the Origami until the second half of the show 🙂

Update: CNBC just showed what they said was a working prototype of an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)–which many people now know as an Origami. Here’s a picture I snapped from my camera phone:


It appeared to be a functioning unit. Although they didn’t run any programs on it, I could see what appeared to be a screensaver running.

There weren’t very many details, except they said that Microsoft and manufacturers will have more later. Price? All they would say is under $1000.

CNBC also showed a prototype of what Intel is thinking that UMPC devices will be like in the future:


It’s smaller and has a slideout keyboard. It is the same or similar to devices that Intel showed at a previous IDF.

WhatIsNew has the transcript of the Origami presentation.