New conference: Mobility Connections is looking for speakers


The folks that put together DevConnections are launching a new conference: Mobility Connections Fall 2006 conference. It looks like it’s going to have a Tablet track too.

The conference will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas November 6-10, 2006. Right now they are looking for speakers. From the DevConnections blog:

“Mobile PC / Tablet PC Track

This track is about developing enterprise applications for Mobile PCs with the tablet feature. The conference will be on or near the WinFX release. We would like to do justice to both to WinFX and .NET 2.0, but remember that you need to keep your topics within the context of Tablet PC development. Generic sessions about these technologies need to be covered as part of Visual Studio Connections.

Please submit abstracts along the following topics:

Developing applications for Tablet PC, both the 2005 and Vista versions.
Tablet PC SDK and WinFX on Tablet PC.
Building smart clients with the Tablet PC platform (offline use, security, etc.)
Designing applications for Ultra Mobiles.
Deployment, manageability of Tablet PC apps.
Power Awareness, Network Awareness, Sync Center and Windows Sideshow.
Regarding other non-mobile generic topics, such as Orcas (C# 3.0, VB 3.0, LINQ), VSTS, etc. these should be kept for the Visual Studio Connections event.

If you want to talk about SQL Server 2005, then it should be done in the context of data access on Tablet PC applications, or using SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition on Tablet PC. Anything more than that should go in the SQL Server Magazine Connections event. Same goes for Web services and the ASP.NET Connections event, Atlas and AJAX.”

Abstracts are needed by February 28th. Hmmm. Not much time.