InkGestures 1.1 released into the wild


It’s live…That is, InkGestures 1.1 is live.

As of early this morning InkGestures was released into the wild. You can download it from TabletPCPost.

Thanks everyone that downloaded and tested the InkGestures beta. It made a huge difference.

What are some of the changes we made in response to beta user feedback:

* Added a “Getting Started Guide” that appears the first time you enable gestures
* Added optional feedback icons that show what the last recognized gesture was
* Improved text insertion so that you can insert text before a line or at the end of a document
* Added support for right clicking and Word’s context menu
* Added transpose gesture
* Added em dash “gesture”
* And, of course, bug fixes.

A complete list of changes is available here.

Again, thanks everyone for your patience and help!

If you’d like to see InkGestures in action, there are some screencasts here and TabletPCTalk has a video of a stand-up demo I did at the Microsoft Tablet PC Partner Briefing held at the beginning of February.