HP Labs concept Tablet, er, Table PC


Who needs a Tablet PC when you can have a Table PC? Hehe. [CNet link]

CNet has a snapshot showing an HP concept computer that consists of a coffee-table-like display in which people can share photos and movies. There’s no indication of what touch technology is used–if any.

Notice in the picture that “windows” can be rotated around to make it easier to share pictures with people. This is something I’d like more of in a Tablet PC too. Sometimes I find it natural to lie the Tablet flat between me and another person and I’d like to flip the window around so that it’s oriented in their direction.

The picture also shows a blue puck on the left side of the display which I’m guessing is part of the control interface. Is it a permutation of a pie menu? Used for rotating images? I’ve Googled around, but don’t see any additional information on the HP Labs project.