Making plans for the Mobile Platforms (aka Tablet PC) Partner Briefing


February 1st and 2nd is the Mobile Platforms Division Partner Briefing (aka Tablet PC partner briefing) in Redmond, Washington. I’ll be there. Anyone else?

It’s going to be a oppportunity to talk with Microsoft and other partners. We’re going to meet members of the Tablet team, marketing folks, and most importantly members of Microsoft’s Tablet sales team. These are the people on the front line and I’m very much looking forward to hearing what they see from customers.

There’s also going to be a Vista compatibility lab which I’m looking forward to. There are more and more form factors–as well as the new touch support in Vista–which I don’t have hardware for.

A friend messaged me last night, that more than anything else I should bring some warmth and sunshine with me. Hmm. I told him I’d do my best. There’s plenty of Phoenix weather to go around.