I’m a future Toshiba M400 owner


I’m ready for a Toshiba M400 (Shown at CES). Dual core. DVD drive. Sounds like a great upgrade to the top-notch Toshiba M200. It looks like this will be an excellent Tablet development machine.

I do have one concern before I swipe my credit card: The M400 has an Intel graphics chip. Will it run Vista with glass? Toshiba says they are committed to it, but I really, really need it to be able to. Currently, I’m doing my Vista development on a Gateway M280 just for the reason that the M280 handles glass well. I need my next dev machine to do no less.

My fingers are crossed.


  1. are you concerned that the CD/ DUD slot won’t take a battery? I’ve heard that they might address it in a later refresh, but for now the only extended butlery support will be via a thin wedge on the bottom via the docking Station port