The Neek Talk podcasters strike again


My teenage nieces are at it again with their second podcast called “Neek Talk: The Making of A Podcast”.

This was a perfect podcast to listen to after spending the day treking to CES and getting things organized. Plenty of laugh-out-loud stuff here. Less than a minute into the podcast, for instance, they share a hilarious “animated” moment as they illustrate how they decide which material to use in their podcast. Yep. I can attest to the fact that this is part of their actual process. :-).

Maybe I’m extra biased, but I like it–really like it.

Unlike “live” podcasters, Sarah and Elizabeth (Kimberley was busy with school this time around), edit their material liberally. They cut out mistakes; distort their voices to add variety; insert recordings; make fake commercials; as well as record and re-record to get things the way they want them. Most stuff gets cut, which is as expected.

The whole podcast was done on an HP Tablet. No special mic. Just the Tablet, Audacity, and hours of tinkering with the content.

Tomorrow they are going to see if they can get into CES. I hope they can. But even if they can’t, I’m guessing they can find one or two things to podcast about….at least I hope so. I could use another laugh.