Live works well with TabletPCBlogs’ RSS feeds


Layne messaged me a few minutes ago that I should check out an RSS feed from TabletPCBlogs within So I did. I added the Illuminator’s feed to and was pleasantly surprised to see the feed nicely listed with the first post expanded. Cool. Ink shows up nicely in (Actually it’s not really ink. It’s a GIF image of the ink drawn.)


This approach works very well with the drawings that bloggers are posting on TabletPCBlogs. In fact, it works really well with the daily cartoons that Illuminator and others are posting.

To add an RSS feed from TabletPCBlogs follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the blog page you’re interested in. In Illuminator’s case this would be
2. On the right column is a link to the RSS feed. It’s shown as RSS 2.0. Click on the link. (Here’s Illuminator’s RSS feed.) Copy the address shown in IE to the clipboard.
3. Go to the page and sign in if necessary.
4. Click on “+ Add Content”.
5. Click on the “Advanced Options” link that shows up on the right of the page.
6. Paste the RSS link you copied to the edit field that appears below the prompt “Subscribe to a specific feed by entering the URL below:”.
7. Click on Subscribe.
8. You’ve successfully added the RSS feed to Click on “My Stuff” and you’ll see a link to the newly added feed. Click on that link to view the RSS.

Currently, you have to add a feed for each ink blog you want to follow. For some reason the aggregated feeds aren’t showing ink. Layne is trying to track that down.