I’m a couch warrior


When the Tablet PC was first launched there was all this talk of corridor warriors. You know, people that have to be so productive every step of their day that they need to work in the hallway–presumably with a Tablet PC.

I was thinking this morning: I wonder how many people fall into this category? I don’t.

After using the Tablet PC day in and day out for over the last three years now, I think I see a much more sedate–though still mobile–pattern in my usage. What do I mean?

Some of my favorite ways to use a Tablet PC are when I’m not moving. I like using the Tablet PC when I’m sitting on the couch. Or when I’m reading in bed–whether sitting up or laying at my side. I like to use a Tablet standing up in line at the airport to check my last minute messages. Or in a taxi or shuttle I might fire up my Tablet and EVDO to check a map, double-check addresses, or scan for the latest news.

I’m definitely mobile, but in the sense of being mobile in order to move from spot to spot. My Tablet usage is often when I’m quite stationary–sitting in a chair, standing in line, or laying on the couch. Oh, my. I’m a couch warrior!