Microsoft goes Live. Is there a Tablet in the story?


Microsoft announces its new web services under the “Windows Live” moniker. Michael Arrington has blogged quite a bit of the presentation. Dave Winer has some details too. Robert Scoble has a run-down of others blogging the announcement.

Word has been spreading over the last couple days of something big–about Microsoft stretching further into the online world.

As I read through the details released today I’m eagerly looking for clues as to whether ink has gone Live too. I’m guessing ink is included in the Messenger client. Is it elsewhere?

It makes so much sense to have an ink developer story for the Web and I so much hope Live is the breakout opportunity. Oh, and yes, I’m meaning something beyond just Internet Explorer. Maybe, just maybe, Live will give Microsoft a reason to standardize ink beyond the Windows shell.

Don’t think ink makes sense outside of its current Tablet world? Check out all the clever “ink-based” Flash animations and applications. No Tablet ink here. There should be. Just imagine something as simple as an ink standard that would allow you to copy/paste from app to app. Imagine an ink standard that would allow you to share from person to person. And on the more practical side, what if you want to quickly jot down a contact name or note in an online email or CRM app in IE?…in Firefox? Or what about annotating documents in a browser? An ink standard for the web makes sense here too.

We’ll see. If nothing else, there are some third-party opportunities here. Especially in the Microgadgets area. I have some really cool ideas here….if I can only find the time! Step by step.