Recovery disk problems…


Erik Mack has been having problems restoring his Tablet PC. Warner has some background and an update. Ugh. Sounds terrible.

Actually, I think this is a problem that is not Tablet specific. It’s a broader issue both in terms of customer support and in-the-box supplies. Where the issue gets extra difficult for the Tablet PC market is that you can’t just pick up the Tablet PC OS anywhere–outside of an MSDN subscription and even that doesn’t get you everything you need.

I only wish I had a Tablet PC OS license to give away. I would in a heartbeat.


  1. Thanks, Loren.

    Yes, this is a problem that is not unique to the TPC, however, this kind of problem makes it difficult to endorse the TPC to my enterprise clients. I do hope that some good comes out of this experience and the subsequent posts. Sooner (or later) the manufacturers will discover that the company with the customer service will gain the advantage – and the customer. I believe the TPC is an excellent platform; however, given my recent experiences, I’m unable to demonstrate that to my clients. 🙁