Where’s the Tablet PC BOF at PDC?


Larry O’Brien emailed me and asked why I hadn’t posted about having a Tablet PC Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at PDC on Tablet PC development. Hmmm. Seems like it would be a good idea.

I’m guessing the BOF should be a 200 level (introductory) session with lots of overview about the market size, opportunities, current developer resources, and so forth as well as a chance to share what people are working on, things they’ve learned, and, of course, their Tablet PC.

I’m thinking that a general developer session makes more sense than a detailed technical discussion. Does this seem right? Or should a BOF be focused around something more specific, such as developing with Agilix InfiNotes?

There are no projectors in the BOF rooms so I’m not sure how we could actually share screenshots and the like. Could we leverage an adhoc network? Hmmm. I always think that at sessions like this we should be leveraging the Tablet PC platform in the presentation itself.

If you have a an idea for a BOF session at PDC you can vote here. (You’ll need to already be registered for PDC and you must sign in with your Passport account.)