Slashdotters comment on whether students should have notebooks


Slashdot has picked up the MarketWatch article I mentioned in the previous post and I’m cringing at what I’m reading. Almost no mention of Tablet PCs as an option. At this point there are a few hundred posted responses. I’ll check back again later.

There’s so much more educating to be done. No I don’t mean about reading, writing, and arithmetic. I mean about Tablets. The high school-entering-college market has got to be the single best underserved market out there. What a shame. As the Slashdotters are demonstrating, each year our universities are creating another generation of non-Tablet thinkers.


  1. Loren

    The thing about Slashdot is that the majority of posters do not use Windows. The Tablet PC is not on their horizon because it’s essentially just a Windows box; there is no Linux Tablet for example.

    So, obviously Slashdot is going to ignore Tablets as a solution to anything. I wouldn’t expect anything more really. It’s sad but true.

    Cheers, Julian
    (Owner of a Toshiba M205 – yes, I bought my own)