“Inking available anywhere Avalon is”


New Avalon blog states that Avalon will be supporting ink. You can try it out now by installing a sequence of Community builds.

Good to see that Longhorn-focused developers at Microsoft are supporting ink.

I hope though just as Microsoft is adding ink at the “high level” by making inking in Avalon easy, that it also addresses “low level” ink issues as well. Why can’t someone just “draw” ink using pixels if they want to? Similarly, there were presentations at PDC 2003 about tightly supporting tablet digitizer events too. I hope this has survived the Longhorn cuts.

Either way. It’s very good to see someone talking about ink from within the Longhorn team. I was begining to wonder. I expect PDC 2005 will give some much needed answers as to what will be forthcoming in Longhorn and what will not. It’s going to be a must-attend conference.