Tablet memory leak fix available


Whoohooo! A fix for the infamous “Memory leak in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (KB895953)” is now available for download. The update file is only 722 KB so it’s not a tremendous burden–even for those on dialup.

I just downloaded the update and installed it on my Tablets. No problems to report. The installation process requires only a couple dialogs of clicking “OK” and “I agree” to the EULA. A reboot is required though.

Evidently the update fixes a memory leak in tcserver.exe which is a process provided in SP2. You may have noticed that after your Tablet runs for awhile that things become sluggish until you reboot. The new update should fix the memory leak, keep your performance at the level we all expect, and produce quite a few happy Tableteers.

In the knowledge base article listed above, however, Microsoft is suggesting that you only download the update if you’re experiencing problems. If you reboot often (such as daily), you might not be experiencing any problems, for instance. The article goes on to say that the fix will appear in the next Windows XP service pack–no indication as to when that’ll be.