Tweaking MSN Tablet search results


Anyone tried to search for “Tablet PC” on I’m trying to tweak the results to better rank them based on what I’m looking for–which is sites that have the best, up to date information on Tablet PCs.

Fortunately, MSN Search provides a way to adjust searches. Just below the search edit field is the text “+Search Builder” which you can click on. It brings up a dialog in which you can rearrange the search results by clicking on “Results Ranking”.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any adjustment that bring sites such as TabletPCBuzz, TabletPCTalk, TabletPCPost and so on to the first page. Instead, I get sites like Wacom and GotDotNet.

Anyone know the magic numbers?


  1. Unfortunately, this is why Google smashes MS in terms of search. The relevance (or lack thereof) of MSN Search makes it practically useless. Switch to google.

  2. I’m doing some experiments with MSN searching and hence I got myself into this issue. Yeah, switching would be easier. I’ll give it a few more tries 🙂