MSN Messenger wish list gets smaller


I’m sure the MSN Messenger team is busy, so I’ve widdled down my wish list of desired features down to one. More than anything else, I’d like the ability to paste images into Messenger.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed an either–by using ALT-Print screen or using the Snipping Tool–and I just want to share it with someone else. Normally I just want to paste the image, maybe mark it up a bit, and send it over Messenger.

Currently I have to save the image to a file then send it via Messenger. I want to skip having to save the file. Seems like Messenger could just create a temporary file for me.

That’s it. One feature. That’s all I want for MSN Messenger 8.0…uh…well, maybe for now, anyway. I might come up with one or two other “must have” features later. But for now, I promise this is all I want….really, that’s it. 🙂


  1. SnagIt is the best tool for screen capture and has a built in profile for sending images right to a IM contact on AIM or MSN. It is temporarily broken with MSN 7 but they are working on a fix. It usually works great and SnagIt is will worth the cash and much better than snipping tool.

  2. It’s true. we’re busy. But it doesn’t mean we we’re not listening (creepy, right?) It’s true that you can’t copy and paste, but you know, lots of times you can select a picture and drag it into the typing area and it automatically gets sent via file transfer. I guess this won’t work for you in most of the cases you described, but maybe sometimes?

  3. Hi Leah…so cool that you dropped by. Yeah, drag and drop is nice, but the use case I find myself wanting to do over and over again is a bit different. It’s at times like this that an SDK to Messenger might be quite useful. Uh, but don’t consider that as a wish-list item tough…hehehe…really, at the top of my list is copy/paste of screenshots and other images so I can optionally mark them up and send them to someone.