Promethean ActivPanel Installed

An android based 75-in touch screen

Promethean AvtivPanel

It’s been years since using a Promethean board but the school techs rolled in a 75-inch beauty.

My 5th period students were eager to see it in action and ended up setting it up. They moved things around in the room, decided on its location, plugged it in, and played with it for a bit.

I stayed after school and walked through some settings— adding account information, passwords, etc. Unfortunately, the school district is blocking Google Play and I’m stuck using the browser Opera.

The first lesson involved showing AP students how to derive the kinetic energy formula from a kinematic equation. It was enjoyable to manipulate things on the board.

Cons: The audio is very poor. The HDMI out is actually a pass through so the whiteboard app cannot be projected. Sigh.