Wired on Amazon Kindle DX


Steven Levy at Wired reviews the Amazon Kindle DX that’s to be released today. Overall his review is quite positive.

The 9.7″ larger display DX is expected to start shipping today.

“Best of all, the DX was engineered not to feel big. Virtually the same thickness as the Kindle 2, the 19-ounce heft won’t tax your wrists. Its keyboard is actually a little smaller than the Kindle 2’s, so almost all of the DX’s front surface is covered by the screen. This feels less gadgety, more tablety. It’s very comfortable to hold, and as with the Kindle 2, the DX becomes invisible once you become entranced by an author’s spell.”

As others have mentioned the DX does include a PDF viewer (along with support for Microsoft Office files).

The two things he didn’t care for are the hair trigger rotate feature which is easy enough to turn off by “pulling up the control panel triggered by a special font key” and the fact that the device does not include a left handed next page button.