Epson takes a swing at a surface computer with the X-Desk


Epson, with its wide range of projectors, has entered the interactive table market with the X-Desk–though no price has been made public. Here’s a video of the table in action:

According to RegisterHardware the X-Desk has a 52-touch screen that “displays a XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and can recognize up to 16000 objects simultaneously using “Smart Tags” and gesture recognition technology.” Sounds cool.

There are so many DIY Surface computers in addition to efforts by Microsoft, including special devices like this one from Epson, that makes you wonder why Microsoft doesn’t get its Surface software out the market sooner than later. The hardware should be less of a concern.

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13 years ago

First real competitor to Surface? Makes me think these devices are just a couple of years away from mass market.

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