ArsTechnica has live blogging tool ready for iPhone 3.0 event


Today at 10AM PT Apple will be holding an event to announce something or other around the iPhone OS. I think most people expect some incremental improvements to the OS, but Apple rumors and hope run eternal in the blogosphere.

Ars Technica has a nice autoscrolling live blogging tool set up for the event here.

Interestingly, they are indicating that there won’t be any live pictures during the event. Maybe that’ll change. I’ve often thought that several of these live blogging teams that cover the Apple events are so detailed they basically cover everything anyway and Apple ought to just stream it. But, hey, they want to create value out of scarcity, so oh well.

Update: Yep, the iPhone announcements were all incremental and I’m not sure why they justified a special event. Step by step is usually the reality though, no matter how far ahead marketing and the market is.

Lots of people are expecting a netbook-slash-eReader-slash-iPod Touch Big Brother, but something like this would make more sense in a bigger event or in a series of announcements: one for the platform, one for developers, one for content providers, one for product launch and so on. Anyway, now we can all set aside the Apple Tablet rumors for another month, till they start again with the next Apple event.