Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7 not to make debut at PDC until Tuesday


Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Windows 7 isn’t going to be shown until Tuesday’s PDC keynote. Kind of illustrates the point that PDC isn’t as much about Windows anymore, doesn’t it? First up for those that are keeping score is a keynote on cloud computing that’ll take place Monday at 8:30AM Pacific time.

Here are the topics Mary Jo says we’ll see:

* Device Stage
* Action Center
* StreamOn
* A new animation framework for customizing animations
* New task bar and shell integration
* Multi-touch and gesture recognition
* Improved Bluetooth support
* Ribbons, ribbons everywhere.

She also adds, “I’m hearing Microsoft is going to show off a number of other features during the Tuesday PDC keynote that aren’t yet part of the pre-beta.”