Creating web page thumbnails isn’t easy


After dabbling with creating thumbnails for tweets, I’ve come to the conclusion that although they’re quite useful, they’re probably best not done with the tools I have.

Here are just two problems: Script errors and pop-up windows. You’d think the .NET tools could work around this, but I guess not.

So it appears at this time that moving the thumbnail creation to a web service makes the most sense. Although, there are some thumbnail services already, this one needs to be tuned to twitter messages so it seems like yet another twitter service needs to be born. In that way, all of the twitter clients can use it to display good twitter thumbnails. Maybe this is a nice service for Google or Twitter itself.

Till then, I guess I’ll make my own.

Sure would be nice if there was a way to pass around more information that’s less web-page oriented to get around problems like this. If only we had archived RSS-like feeds for all of our content.

Isn’t there always one more thing? Heh.