Some twitter client decisions to make


I’m at the point where I need to deicide about a couple features with the twitter client.

First, should I break the 140 character limit? Here’s what In thinking: Should a twitter client allow the user to type more than 140 characters and then if they’ve typed let’s say 200 characters then the client automatically splits the oversized message into two messages and then auto re-assemble them in the client into one message?

Yep, this violates the basic intent of twitter and most clients would not see the coalesced, single tweet, but for those that could, wouldn’t this be a compelling feature?

Maybe if you want to say more you should always link rather than tweet text.

Or similarly what if you want to write something and you’ve consumed 143 characters? Should a twitter client give you a suggestion window with edited permutations that fit within 140 characters? Auto-magically? Or is this type of feature too much effort for too little gain?

The other thing I’m thinking about is about ink editing, text tweets can’t be edited, but since the ink is placed on flick, maybe allowing editing for it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Now if irk editing is supporter, what does it mean? Should you be able to do tiny adjustments or simply replace the whole thing? Or both?

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14 years ago

I like the idea of having long Tweets and getting them reconstituted but think it would be a lot of work for a few people.

I am ambivalent about 140 characters – as a Haiku poet I am happy composing to a strict limit.

Editing suggestions would also involve a lot of work and it might be quicker if I did them myself.

With ink Tweets replacement would be fine with me as opposed to tiny editing adjustments..