Is the iPhone 3G enough of an improvement?


People are realizing that the price drop for the new iPhone 3G isn’t quite a price drop when you factor in the price increase which AT&T is adding to the mix. MG Siegler over at VentureBeat says don’t worry. The price drop which is a price increase is a good thing, because most people won’t know the difference. Yeah, right. A good thing would be a lower price period. And believe me, people will know about it, just like they pretty much all heard about the launch of the iPhone itself. Word will spread. I do think, though, that most people will go along with the price higher or not.

I would add that I’m dissappointed that there wasn’t native video support for recording with the camera, for broadcasting live over the Internet (Qik style), or for viewing Flash videos in the browser. This is an even bigger deal than before considering the 3G radio. This is what 3G is good at.

If Apple was to provide these features along with the 3G radio I’d be sold. But they aren’t. So I’m on the fence as to whether I want to upgrade my iPhone or wait for another device that fits my needs better. Hmmm. So many choices.