Twitter tech talk


Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone respond to some technical questions about Twitter and what they are doing to address some of the infrastructure issues. Looks like they are taking the first much needed step.

I will say that at times like this that often features are cut during the “rewrite” and, if we’re fortunate, new ones added that help the product grow.

As I write this, though, I’m trying to figure out what might get cut. Twitter’s feature list isn’t all that extensive. It doesn’t handle media types other than text. It’s web UI is sparse. And the Twitter API itself isn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination. Despite this, I’m betting something’s going to get cut–maybe features that have been built in that never made it outside the company. Hmmm. That’s the nature of ports when a new dev team takes over. They’ll say, “Oh, I don’t get this feature X,” so out it goes.

Likewise, the rewrite team has the opportunity to see in a fresh fashion where the new trends are and start adding in tidbits to enable them. So might we see images and the like finally find their way into Twitter? I’m going to put this at an 80% chance of happening.