How would you show commitment to better drivers in Windows 7?


ComputerWorld writes that Mircrosoft is working harder to ensure that when Windows 7 actually ships that there will be solid drivers for it. Makes complete sense.

Along these lines, I think there’s a very succint “dependability” program that Microsoft ought to commit to this time around.

It’s very simple:

For all notebooks released in the last X number of years (with a complete list of notebook models listed online), Microsoft will commit to ensuring that there will be 100% driver support. People just don’t and can’t swap components in and out of a notebook like they can a desktop, so notebooks should just work. It’s not the components that the consumer worries about. It’s the notebook as a whole.

With more and more people purchasing and using notebooks today this tweak to the logo program is extremely important–and something that should be succinctly communicated.

I realize it’s a pain and a huge potential liability, but this is the state of where things are at. If Microsoft wants to compete effectively against Apple, it has to do it.

The logo program was supposed to signal a level of quality, however, after Vista, the logo brand is too tainted. It’s little more than a sticker now. Microsoft needs to revitalize their commitment to quality and particularly for the ever growing number of notebooks needs to stand up and succinctly make it clear that notebooks and Windows 7 will go together. Swimingly.