Don’t you hate it when your computer wakes up when it shouldn’t?


We’ve all had it happen: Windows not properly sleeping. I think things have gotten better since Vista (especially SP1), although my Toshiba Tablet PC will wake up from sleep if I disconnect a USB device when it’s asleep and I’ve had my desktop machine wake up at times I think after installing an update.

Same thing happened to James Kendrick’s U110. Ouch. Literally. The thing was in a bag when it unexpectedly woke up and heated up so much it about fried an egg. We feel your pain.

James asks a good question: Why are Vista systems waking up from sleep anyway? And if for some reason a system wakes up, why in the world should it just spin and spin and spin on a Log in screen unless you MANUALLY tell it that’s what you want? Shouldn’t the default be 1) conserve energy and 2) don’t potentially fry an egg!