MIDs see the light at IDF


The Fall Intel Developer Forum is going on this week in San Franisco. Oh, how I wish I was there. Intel will be annoncing its plans for the Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).

jkkmobile has a very short YouTube video of one prototype device from BenQ:

The devices run Linux, which make sense since we’re talking about low-cost devices. What about Vista? I imagine someone can create a MID that runs it, but it would probably require more storage and memory than a comparable Linux-based version and hence cost more. And if the user experiences are comparable (in terms of browsing the Internet, getting email, and so on), I can see people opting for a lower cost Linux-based unit.

In terms of consumer devices, MIDs might give UMPCs a run for their money. Sorry Microsoft, but that’s the way the dollar bill crumbles. Of course, we’re running into a value proposition challenge here. Can Microsoft and its ecosystem build out a network of applications that can rival the flat cost of a MID? At this point my eyes are on Intel and their platform from a hardware standpoint and Microsoft’s from the software side.

You can watch a live UStream.tv feed of Goordon Moore’s keynote here at 12:15 today (Tuesday the 18th):


Here’s another video–this time from Intel–that even shows the ultra-small Silverthorne die outside of its casing.

Very cool.