Is Silverlight 1.1 open for developers or not?


I’m confused. Is it OK for developers to be posting Silverlight 1.1 apps or not? It seems like everywhere I turn that’s what community developers are doing. They’re voting with their keyboards and skipping the 1.0 JavaScript implementation of Silverlight and opting for 1.1.

But I thought the license didn’t allow developers to post their 1.1 wares. I’m totally confused. If Microsoft was ever wanting to keep the cat in the bag, it’s too late. The challenge I see here is that the search engines are going to be filled with apps that probably won’t run right when Silverlight 1.1 is actually released–because of the inevitable changes to the implementation along the way.

Anyway, I’d prefer jumping up to 1.1 if it was OK. But I don’t see where it is and I don’t understand why so many community developers are going fullsteam ahead with it.

I can appreciate sharing coding tidbits that’ll work with 1.1, but full apps? I’m not sure which way to go? 1.0? or 1.1?