My “Green” phone will have…


I’ve blogged about some of this in the past, but I think it’s worth wrapping up into a single post here some of the things I’d like to see on a smartphone.

* Current weather conditions are fine, but I want real-time radar for where I’m at or a specified area.
* Given where I’m at, how do I take mass transit to get to where I want to go? And tell me exactly on a real-time map where the next bus, train, and so on is and when it’s estimated to get to where I’m at.
* Road conditions are nice on a mapping service, but give me a cheap-cellphone version of a car navigation system on my phone that a backseat driver-slash-navigator can use. Let me search for a given location/business, get an overview of the traffic, accident, ice, snow, flood, conditions, and then make a decision about what to do that doesn’t disturb the driver. The driver rules the car’s built-in GPS. My cell phone is my kingdom.
* At the airport? On a train? When’s my ride going to appear? Where is it right now? Let me obsess when and where I want to.
* At a store and can’t find what I want? Let me search for it. Give me the ailse and bin number for the item.
* At a store and want to remember something I want to buy? Let me take a picture of it and/or its barcode and build up a search history based upon that product.

This is just a part of the things I’d like on my phone that will make me more efficient and possibly a little more “Green” friendly.