Blogger room at Mix07


Jeff Sandquist (from Microsoft) says that Microsoft is providing a room at the Venetian for Mix bloggers to “hang out at Mix, upload content and have some food” as well as “provide good connectivity, drinks, XBox gaming and plasma screens so you can watch the keynotes and blog in real time.”

Sounds good. I wonder, though: Do you have to have a Mix badge to get in to the Blogger room? I imagine there are bloggers, such as myself, that are attending MEDC (Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference)–which is a Microsoft conference going on at pretty much the same time in the same hotel–but couldn’t get into Mix07 because it is sold out. I’d really like to see the Mix keynote “live” if I could in order to blog it the best I can.

I realize, however, that there are probably two different groups working with two distinct budgets that are putting these events together and whereas allowing attendees to intermingle may make common sense from an attendee’s standpoint, it doesn’t make sense from an organizational sense. Each group has a particular mission and set of resources to work with and mixing them up can create organizational challenges and unbalanced challenges.

I thought it was worth asking though, so I posted a comment on Jeff’s blog asking to see what he says.