No Mix’07ing it up for me


Well, it looks like no Mix07 for me. I’ve been bumped from the waitlist and because the event is sold out, I was turned down for a press pass too. I don’t think they really believe I cover the web. It’s not the first time I’ve been told what I don’t do. No matter, I keep moving on.

Why am I interested in Mix? In large part because Tim Sneath, Don Dodge and others from Microsoft are hinting that there will be more announcements at Mix07 concerning Silverlight (formerly named WPF/e). We’ll have to see if these will be announcements about forthcoming products or actual, new product drops that we can get our dev hands into. In the meantime, I’ll post some more about what I’ve been doing with the current Silverlight CTP. Here’s a hint. Silverlight has some issues, but it’s worth the effort for those that target the browser.