Quote: What You Know is Your Only Source of Power


In Washington, power is everything – not love, not money – but power. But unless you’re elected or appointed to some office, your only source of power will be what you know. And so it’s thought to be unwise to be caught not knowing something. (Bold added.)

Brinkley, David (1996). Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, p. 140.

This January 17, 1993, comment on the human condition is one of the many observations “America’s favorite television reporter” shared during his evening news reports.

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Robert Heiny
Robert W. Heiny, Ph.D. is a retired professor, social scientist, and business partner with previous academic appointments as a public school classroom teacher, senior faculty, or senior research member, and administrator. Appointments included at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Peabody College and the Kennedy Center now of Vanderbilt University; and Brandeis University. Dr. Heiny also served as Director of the Montana Center on Disabilities. His peer reviewed contributions to education include publication in [I]The Encyclopedia of Education [/I](1971), and in professional journals and conferences. He served s an expert reviewer of proposals to USOE, and on a team that wrote plans for 12 state-wide and multistate special education and preschools programs. He currently writes user guides for educators and learners as well as columns for [I]TuxReports[/I].com.