A surprising bluescreen in Vista


Yesterday I was feverishly updating the Tablet PC Guy CES post and then poof….bluescreen. I didn’t write down the message, but if I recall correctly it was something about a response not coming back from a timer in time. I’m guessing that the system detected a lock up.

What was I doing to crash my computer? I was using IE 7 and I think I was just beginning to try to drag a window. This isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble with IE over the last couple years–usually IE just locks up (so I simply terminate it) or IE doesn’t paint correctly or something simple like this. It’s probably not IE’s fault anyway though. I’m guessing it’s a driver issue.

There is one thing that I changed yesterday. I downloaded and installed Intel’s updated chipset drivers for the Toshiba M400. Maybe this driver has a flaw in it or it now fixes a problem that reveals a bug in another driver. I’m not sure. Almost all of the other drivers I’m using are labelled as beta drivers anyway. So there’s plenty of potential here for problems.

I’ll be watching closely to see if I get another bluescreen and reporting back if I figure out what it is.