WPF changes in .NET 3.0 affect Vista?


Is it just me or did the .NET team make some changes to .NET 3.0 that show up on Vista?

I’m getting different behavior now on Vista and XP in the new MathPractice suite of apps that are written in WPF. It could be the Vista drivers that are installed–they’re all essentially beta drivers.

Here’s one of the problems I’m noticing: In Vista the submenus of a MenuItem inherit the Foreground color of the parent menu item. This wasn’t the case in previous versions of .NET that I ran on XP. It’s making a mess of my menus. I guess I need to override the look of the whole menu in order to stay in control. Before I do that though I’d like to understand what’s going on. I guess I’ll spend some time today trying to isolate the problem.

I also see that the interior of the windows repaint differently in Vista than in XP. For instance, the interior of the window doesn’t keep up with repainting as the window is expanded, so artifacts of the desktop appear for brief periods of time. Looks ugly on Vista, just fine on XP.

I guess this could be a Vista driver bug. I do have a lot of screen flicker in Vista for instance (unfortunately on all three of the systems I’m running Vista on), so I don’t exactly trust the drivers. I can’t imagine Vista is supposed to flicker like this. Probably the beta drivers.

Bob and I hacked at these problems last Thursday and Friday. Today I’ll be more methodical and see if I can isolate what’s going on. Is it .NET 3.0? Drivers? Vista? WPF? Some other beta software I have installed? Hopefully it’s something simple.

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15 years ago

I’ve not seen any WPF changes yet, but I did see a XML serialization change. Check the file versions of the assemblies (not assembly versions) from the ones on XP to the ones on Vista.

It turned out that in my case, a hotfix for 2.0 had been applied to the 3.0 shipped with Vista that wasn’t available otherwise (except by calling PSS) Had a thread on it here: