Reflecting on broadband wireless


My brother just IMed me: “I’m sitting under a tree.”

Why did he share this? Because he just got his new Sprint broadband wireless service working on his Tablet PC (running Vista RC2).

Yep, EVDO gives you more freedom, to do what’s important, like sitting under a tree.

When Intel finally fills the market with WiMAX-enabled notebooks, I imagine that the adoption rate will be stunning. There are two trends going on here that will very likely take many by surprise. First, there’s the migration towards more portable computers, such as Tablet PCs. Second, there’s the increasing daily addiction that many of us share to broadband services, such as YouTube, Netcasts (aka Podcasts), iTunes, and the like.

Broadband wireless will do more than simply give us more freedom to move about and still stay connected to our favorite online services. It will allow us to be more connected with our family, friends, co-workers, and such–during those times when we want to sit under a tree or work during a Taxi ride to the airport or while sitting at the Mall eating a snack.

Yes, the world is going to become more connected as it disconnects.