The New Education Century Revisited


Kosmo Kalliarekos offers an insightful look at what he calls The New Education Century. It’s dated 2004, but still pertinent for educators and board of education members preparing a case for using or expanding mobile PCs in schools.

This article is a keeper for policy makers and grant proposal writers.

Here’s an excerpt from an inkwell newletter about the wireless world and Tablet PCs for students at home because of a major forest fire near their school.

With Tablet PCs given to them by the (Lemon Grove) school (in San Diego area of CA) and a home wireless connection arranged through the district’s cable company, the students spent the week creating Web sites about fire, ecology and water use. From her home, (teacher) Swann guided discussions, supervised site development and suggested more topics relevant to their situation, all from her own wirelessly connected Tablet PC. “It was a blast,” says Swann. “Because the kids had wireless, they could go anywhere in their house and work on the project. It felt like we were all in the classroom together.”

That’s invigorating. Let’s share more of these examples with other educators and board of education members.

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Robert Heiny
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