Video iPod in my future?


I’ve been watching so many online videos and video blogs recently that I’ve been thinking about getting a video iPod. My brother has one, but he doesn’t use it that much for actually watching videos. I’m not sure why.

One problem with the video iPod is that it doesn’t work quite the way I need. My ideal device would have WiFi support so that I can watched streamed content. Actually, because WiFi isn’t everywhere, it would need EVDO or comparable support. Hmmm, that could get expensive. An alternative solution would be for more publishers to provide downloadable content as well as streamed video.

Along these lines, if my mythical video device had a good broadband connection, I’d want a SlingMedia viewer for it. Yeah, I’m getting ahead of the technology fast, aren’t I?

Another issue I’ve realized is that I need a faster way to pick videos to watch. Currently I find videos through hit-and-miss browsing which isn’t going to be that practical on a small device, even if the capability were supported.

There’s an opportunity here.