Tablet PC Battery Care Guide


Medical Tablet PC offers a Tablet PC battery care guide. New users of battery powered Tablet PCs and notebooks in schools may find this guide useful. Here’s an excerpt.

When you purchase a new Tablet PC or notebook it is essential to calibrate and break in your new battery properly. When you first unbox your new machine, the first place it belongs (after installing the battery) is connected to an AC outlet. … keep the unit plugged in for a minimum of 5-7 hours. … Drain that battery until you “force it to shut down” (save your work upon the low battery alert). Then proceed to charge it up again to 100% (this time just charge it to “full”). … the drain to zero. After 3 full charge and discharge cycles, your battery is ready for the road.

If this procedure is good enough for use in medical settings, teachers may find it useful in school settings also.

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Robert Heiny
Robert W. Heiny, Ph.D. is a retired professor, social scientist, and business partner with previous academic appointments as a public school classroom teacher, senior faculty, or senior research member, and administrator. Appointments included at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Peabody College and the Kennedy Center now of Vanderbilt University; and Brandeis University. Dr. Heiny also served as Director of the Montana Center on Disabilities. His peer reviewed contributions to education include publication in [I]The Encyclopedia of Education [/I](1971), and in professional journals and conferences. He served s an expert reviewer of proposals to USOE, and on a team that wrote plans for 12 state-wide and multistate special education and preschools programs. He currently writes user guides for educators and learners as well as columns for [I]TuxReports[/I].com.