MacBook first looks


The new MacBooks launched this week in black and white.

Dave Winer buys a black one and says: “The black MacBook is a very nice computer, a clear upgrade from the earlier iBook G4.” And Michael Gartenberg chimes in: “…you need to see it up close and personal. Attention to detail is amazing.” There are others that are posting their concerns for the square-keyed keyboard. I look forward to test driving one this weekend and seeing for myself what the key feel is like.

I’m not looking for another standard notebook to buy, though, but I did daydream for a minute, “Wouldn’t the black MacBook look slick with a Samsung Q1 UMPC? Or maybe a white TabletKiosk eo with the white MacBook?” Then I snapped back to reality.

Oh, anyone else notice that Apple had actual units available in stores at the same time as the launch of the MacBook? There was no launch here followed by a disclaimer that actual units wouldn’t appear for another three months and even then only to those who want to preorder online–sight unseen. Apple’s done a good job here of catering to the want-it-now, alpha geeks. Now we’ll have to see how the online commentary pans out.

Update: Dave Winer is having some problems with his MacBook.


  1. Funnily enough I just wrote today about how the MacBook is probably just a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in a posh case.

    You can read it on my blog (hint hint!)